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Skyline - Event

Working alongside The Social Circle (one of Sheffield's fastest growing events companies), Happier Digital helped consult and market a brand new day festival brand in Sheffield.

The Brief

The Social Circle have run events at some of the City's most prestigious venues, including CODE, The Harley, Vodka Revolution and more - however this was their first big outdoor daytime festival. Happier Digital were brought in to help consult on running the event and also to continue our marketing partnership with them.

The Objectives

Initially to create the 'Skyline' brand, design the launch artwork, work with the SteelYard Kelham venue and vendors and be part of the operational team in the lead up to the event.

Our Approach

The Social Circle had the idea for the name Skyline to brand the event but needed the initial logo pack, artwork and and checklist of how best to promote the event. We were conscious that the student demographic weren't familiar with the SteelYard venue - a collection of shipping containers that have been converted to house some fantastic vendors, which include bars, restaurants and retailers. With this in mind, we created artwork which was visually striking but had softer characteristics to make it more appealing to the student market. As ticket sales continued to rise, we advised bringing in a medical team and working closely with the vendors to offer discounts to ticket buyers to add value to their ticket.

The results

Outdoor events, no matter how you run them, are in some ways dependant on the weather. All you can do is make sure that you have done everything you can in the lead up to the event to make sure it's a great day. Fortunately the weather on the day was 20 degrees and basking in sunshine. That said, the results were incredible. Over 1,800 people turned up throughout the day and all vendors had record breaking days. The medical team were called in once and handled the situation perfectly and the event ran without incident. The Social Circle put in perfect safeguards to make sure that people had a day they'd never forget. A follow up event was launched and within 24 hours had sold over 500 tickets.
Skyline - Event

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