Website Design


Working together with our client to produce a new website for a new business, we built the website ensuring it matched the existing branding.

The Brief

The client wanted a clean designed website that reflected the professional industry they are in however they wanted something that stood out from the crowd at the same time.

The Objectives

The client wanted the website to deliver key points straight away and push visitors to get in touch with them. The website needed to show the companies they work together with as well as the existing case studies they could incorporate.

Our Approach

We mocked up several initial website designs and directions which we presented to the client, they were very happy with one of them and opted for it with a few aspects of another design we had done integrated. We then went on to design the whole website and delivered within the timeframe.

The results

The website design stands out from the competition whilst still maintaining the professional look, the website works across all platforms due to the responsive design. The client was very happy with the design and delivery of the website.

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